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Newsletter #3, September 2006

The new APCOR advertorial, featuring Tim Gaiser and Lisa Airey
The new APCOR advertorial, featuring Tim Gaiser and Lisa Airey

“Cork. The Educated Choice” hits newsstands
APCOR, Portuguese Cork Association, in cooperation with Tim Gaiser and Lisa Airey, have released an advertorial discussing the use of natural cork as the stopper of choice by top educators in the U.S. In reaction to visits to the Portuguese cork industry, both Tim and Lisa offered to be quoted in this testimonial ad, providing their opinions on cork as a wine stopper.

Excerpts of their quotes are:

“After seeing the cork forests and production plants first hand, I am even more convinced that cork stoppers are the best possible closure for wines intended to be cellared long term or for special occasions.” – Tim Gaiser, Master Sommelier, Education Chair for the American Chapter of the Court of Master Sommeliers

“As a bottle seal, cork is darn near perfect. And from an environmental standpoint, it is quite “friendly” on many, many levels.” – Lisa Airey, President, Wine Key LLC, Certified Wine Educator

The article can be found in the following magazines issues:

Beverage World – August issue
Santé – September issue
Wine Business Monthly – September issue
Wine and Spirits – October issue
Wine Enthusiast – October issue

The APCOR educational cork display
The APCOR educational cork display

APCOR gives it away for free and everyone learns from it
APCOR has begun shipping educational cork displays to wineries across the U.S.

In their continuing mission to educate both trade and consumers on the current state of cork manufacturing, APCOR has commissioned the creation of a cork display and has made the display available to 200 wineries that are interested in putting it within their tasting rooms.

Wineries from twelve States have requested one of the displays, including California, Idaho, Michigan, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin.

These high quality displays sits on a solid oak base, offers a brochure with information on natural cork, and prominently displays a cork punch strip in order to show people where natural cork comes from.

Look for one in your favorite winery.

The APCOR cork education kit
The APCOR cork education kit

APCOR reaches out to U.S. wine educators
APCOR has begun to mail cork educational kits to wine educators across the United States. The kits contain multiple books and brochures detailing the cork production process, recent media clippings, and a CD-ROM with technical information which can be used to create handouts for students.

Educators who are receiving these kits include: Master Sommeliers, Certified Wine Educators and Professors at Enology departments at universities across the United States.

When asked why they decided to create these kits, APCOR responded by saying, “We understand and appreciate the challenges that premier educators in the wine field face in providing students with a well-rounded education. To assist in this educational journey, we have provided them with this educational kit on natural cork closures.”

APCOR continues to strive for an open and transparent dialog with the wine industry and educational circles, which is something that it feels has been underutilized by both groups in the past.

Tim Gaiser addressing an enthusiastic crowd
Tim Gaiser addressing an enthusiastic crowd

Cork Educators Canvas the United States
Starting back in April of 2006, Cork educators Tim Gaiser and Lisa Airey have been attending wine events across the United States in order to provide attendees opportunities to get the facts about cork as a closure for wine.

Through formal presentations, impromptu audience addresses, one-on-one meetings and with the use of exhibit tables, Tim and Lisa have been able to hand out educational materials, technical books, and CD-ROMs, as well as directly answer questions about the current state of cork production in Portugal.

“There is so much miss-information about cork in the market today,” states Carla Silva of APCOR, “we feel it is important to allow people the opportunity to ask their questions and get direct answers from people who are already well respected in the wine industry. This wasn’t about putting a pretty face out there to tell our story, but in fact was an opportunity to have these educators tell their stories and experiences regarding the cork industry.”

Attending seventeen days of events in a six month period, Tim and Lisa have been able to provide this information to Trade, Media and Consumers, within California, New York, Oregon, Florida, Washington D.C., Rhode Island, Illinois and Massachusetts.


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