Ullage Calculator for
Bottling 750ML Wine Bottles

#1 Select Wine Bottling Conditions

Select Wine Temperature at Bottling °F

Enter Cork Size mm

#2 Recommended Headspace and Internal Pressure


Recommended Ullage by Volume mL
Headspace In Millimeters mm*
Fill Height mm*
Recommended Maximum Bottle Pressure PSI (relative)

Calculations are intended to create conditions at normal storage temperature (68°F), where headspace will be 6.5ml and the internal bottle pressure will be 2.0psi relative. Based on 14% alcohol dry wine and standard claret bottle. Other bottles and wine matrices may differ.

* Assumes the average diameter of the headspace is 21.7mm. Actual meaurements vary by bottle shape. Users should confirm headspace volume by measuring the volume between the bottom of the cork and the expected fill height level.